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An Open Letter to the Beer Sheva Group

By Lior Katz

Hi everyone

About a month has gone by since I handed the group over to Dan. This has been an extremely long month for me. It is fun being home in the evenings, though the work is difficult and Sisyphean even more than coaching… This is a time in which my wife and I need to gather up a lot of strength and take care of our little boy. This, along with raising our older son, work and married life is a big challenge.

I miss you all, I miss practice: the insights, the sweat, the laughter, tea and biscuits at the end…

Thank you very much for your gift which I received through Dan. I understand that almost everyone is persistent and coming to practice, this makes me very happy.

I train in Yossi’s group once a week and try to meet up with at least two other people for more practice on a regular basis in addition to my own training, so I’m not letting myself rust.

The hard work seems to be paying off and my personal task is slowly making progress. I have some visits from students, and Dan comes over regularly to train with me. You are all gladly invited. I am available on the phone to everyone.

I love you all very much, See you soon,


p.s. Due to insurance and bureaucracy reasons, the responsibility for the group is still mine until the end of March 2007.

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