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Human Substitutes

By Yossi Sheriff

Few days ago I heard someone say: “Everyone is replaceable”. At first, I agreed, but then rethought, of course not, only machines and certain kinds of food are replaceable. Even so, margarine is only margarine.

Human beings never have a substitute. What gives these people their wholesomeness is the place they occupy in my life. If someone occupies a functional, narrow place in my life then this place has a substitute, but the person never has.

The heart has no replacement, but the heart as a pump has a replacement. Who is the stupid person that would exchange a heart for a pump? Ah, that’s a stupid question, I guess many will.

With courage come losses, there is a life in it. One finds such big treasures that are not achievable to a person in the “substitute business”.

I heard P. say: “One life” and stop to think, then he lifted his right index finger and added: “One person“. He then said some more, but, never mind now, I’ll write about it some other time.

of course, Gaby F. made this movie. Thanks.

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