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Projects I am working on - Mid July 2020

Published on AKBAN Blog

  1. Creating a comprehensive (physical-internal) new fitness training plan for the environment of a prison / small room / refugee camp.

  2. Music (together with Ran Lev Ari, Yaniv Meisel, Yoni Ben Dor):

  3. Sympathetic music for fighting and practicing katas

  4. Parasympathetic music for Detant Niradin (After several years of focusing on the rhythm only we are working on in parallel on melody, harmonies and human voice)

  5. Writing a video course:

  6. Long stick

  7. Short stick

  8. Short Chain

  9. Traditional sword in the 21st century

  10. Writing a full online course, for beginners' Ninjutsu.

  11. Completing the already published Detant Niradin 49 video lessons for a total of 100 video lessons.

  12. Ongoing Detant Niradin development (work in progress with Nir Adin)

  13. Creating an independent training core suitable for seniors using three new kata.

  14. Integration of mudra to the independent training kernel.

  15. Creating a method for personal mind-body recipes.

  16. Integrating the music project for morning training

  17. Continue collecting current and relevant links in the blog.

  18. Editing several hundred techniques we filmed in Athens and have not yet been published

  19. A dialogue with the instructors at AKBAN

  20. Writing an online Detant course for instructors.

  21. Continued improvement of the AKBAN website for knowledge ( and the AKBAN website for online training (

And of course, training and teaching. Everything is built on this.

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