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What can Ninjutsu learn from Emmanuel Augustus and Roy Jones Jr.?

Here are two of Oded’s favorite boxers (one that he did not even know he liked).

These guys are Emmanuel Augustus and Roy Jones Jr. , two boxing legends . When  I look at their stuff I’m amazed by two similarities: first the flow of the Tai sabaki, and by that I mean the control these boxers have over distance, stepping and evasive body movement, wow!

Then there is the more subtle but very visible control of the flow (Nagare in japanese) and tempo (Tempo in Japanese, ha). The effect that controlling the tempo of the fight is so obvious that we guys, doing traditional Ninjutsu / Taijutsu should watch and learn from.

Integrating traditional system with modern day demands and insights is a complicated job, and we try to do this every time we’re at the dojo, but these clips are so great they kind of  take the weight of day to day training.

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